Zer0 Her0 EP

by Childefy

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released May 21, 2013



all rights reserved



Childefy is... ...to defy everything like a child. An indie-pendent singer / songwriter / heartist that likes to play with words and meanings, produces songs to inspire, with a poetic twist. Childefy plays Expression Music, and collaborates with Charities for Children. ... more

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Track Name: Emotions Home
Will eye ever find my way?
Through the words
eye long to say?
Will eye ever find my way back Home?
Before the child eye am turns old…

Will eye ever turn my head?
To sea, the moments lost in disdain
Will eye ever turn my head downwards?
…The shame, the past has left untold.

Eye will always speak my mind;
Let the ardent feeling comfort me blind
Eye will always hear my heart decide
…The path to take, the dreams to make are on hold.

Eye should never close my eyes –hope–
To miss out on what this life hides from me now
The stars are gently dancing the night
And the shades are brighter too…

My mental spiders crawling
Inside a house that’s falling
Emotional webs are forming
To adorn a place called Home…

Will eye ever find my way?
Threw the words eye couldn’t say off my mind
Will eye ever find a way back Home?
Now it’s time that eye grew old.
Track Name: Given Sundaze
So, it’s Sunday, and eye am still in bed
What could eye; what should eye do?
Time in a pause, a day without cause
A place, and a silent noise
Eye get up and wash, do my mental floss
Eye ponder the rest of mind

To read eye’m in need,
To sing for a creed
Eye am who eye am today
Eye watch my TV,
eye play my CD
A complex relation with time

Just call me,
“cold old Mr.Lonely”
Who tried to think of only
The Given Sundaze
Whispers told me,
live today’s stories
Leave all future worries
They’ll fade away

Wizards and Lizards
All on my wall
Paint me a feeling,
a fish in a bowl
Eye wish a new…
That, eye want.

Strange eye feel
Eye hope you understand
Eye’d love to stay
But eye’m off to a wandered land

To end, it’s Sunday
And eye’m off to bed
What did eye,
what could eye’ve done?
Time with a cause,
a day in a pause
My place, and a silent voice
Eye stood up and fought,
eye gazed and eye thought
“Eye’ll never surrender my mind”

So, call me, odd or Mr.Lonely
Who tried to picture only
The Given Sundaze
Whispers told me,
Leave today’s worries
Live in future stories
You’ll fade away, one day… Someday
Track Name: Neworld
What am eye searching for?
Is today the day?
All these whispers in my head,
But eye have nothing to say...

Dreaming, walking, wondering
Through my empty streets
Eye’m a stranger to this place,
Let me share my needs...

Unknown words and unknown scenes
Strive to find what it means
To discover a whole new world
Nothing is what it seems
You’re a star, you can shine as far
As you once believed
Let this wind feel your wings
And vivify your dreams

What do eye really want?
Is my life complete?
There should be a reason for
The matter eye exist.

Testing, tasting, pondering
What will eye become?
The king of my life’s chess,
Or a vanity pawn?

Unknown worlds and unknown scenes
Crave to know what it means
To discover a whole new word
Nothing seems what it is
You’re a star, from there not too far
As you once believed
Let this wind fill your wings
And you’ll live in your dreams
Track Name: Take Off the Mask
Grace your race
To fairly win
Praise the phase
That you are in
Seek for the freak
That you want to be
Escape from the fake
And try to live…

Know that the no
Is the answer received
And youth is the truth
Of your wildest dreams
Now, subtract your white mask
So you can see
That the world in few words
Is built with sins

Is your hope just the smoke
Of the fire within?
Should you learn that you earn
No respect from me?
And your pride is a tide
In the endless sea…

Eye am the eye
That observes the deep
Pain is a game
To feel free
So save a grave
Soon you’ll have to leave
Cause time is a crime
When you do nothing

The sun shall not come
Before the winter breeze
And the spring will not sing
When the sky is dim
So try to aim high
All your arrows and think
That you fear what is real
Not what lies beneath…

The quest for the best
Way for you to achieve
Is a tale for the failed
To feel the bliss
Thus, you must only trust
Your true self and freeze
All your needs to just please
Simply everyone’s greed
Track Name: Zer0 Her0
Hero for a day…
The stage is clear, the lights are fading…
Room is cold and grey…
The floor still holds the cheerful shadings…

The mic is on
The sounds conjure
While silence flies astray
The heartbeat loud
The mind assures
The fearless voice to say:

“Eye have just this life
A world to defy
Eye age but eye’m never older
When all seems wrong
Eye will sing my song
And it’s music that makes me stronger.”

Eye am alive…

Eye crawl and fall
Eye’m falling off
The stage of dreams tonight
Blind eye perform
The chords of words
That soothe my eyes to cite:

“Eye have just this life
My world to define
Eye’m aged but never older
When all feels wrong
Eye will sing this song
Cause it’s music that made me stronger.”
Now eye am alive…